Arturo Arriaga

Hi! My name is Arturo, I am a software engineer and the developer of the SimplySpeech.IO apps and website. Before becoming an engineer, I spent 10 years in the field of speech pathology as an SLP-Assistant. In the 10 years I saw a lot - and I mean A LOT - of different language and communication disorders. 

In total, I've assisted in between 700-800 different cases of language disorders; 10 different public and charter schools; I've worked in home health care; I've work with immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Iran, India; My cases have included the usual expressive language disorders, receptive language disorders, mixed language disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, stuttering; I've identified language delays; I've improved the language and social skills of children with autism; I've worked with clients as young as 13 months and as old as 21 years; I've helped clients adapt after a traumatic brain injuries; I speak English, Spanish, American Sign Language and just a tad of Mandarin (after teaching English online in China - 你好!). I told you it was a lot!

While I loved teaching, I never saw myself becoming a Speech Pathologist. I've met so many wonderful SLPs and I have been shaped by their commitment to their craft and dedication to their clients, but I knew I wanted to contribute to the field of speech pathology in a way that didn't involve doing research, opening my own practice or being a mentor to younger SLPs. 

Enter Engineering 

In 2019 I taught myself to program iOS. While working as an SLP-A, I knew there was a wide disconnect between the capabilities of technology and the software available in the Apple and Google app stores. I saw the direction of the speech therapy software moving towards sub-par technology and very expensive subscription based models. So here is my commitment to you:

No Subscriptions!

If I'm going to pay $99 for an app, it better make me breakfast too! Unfortunately Apple takes a 30% cut of every app download, but when you download my apps you'll only ever pay once and receive all future updates for free! 🙂

App Improvements and Maintenance 

In my years as an SLPA I found myself using the same apps over and over again because they worked. Sadly, most of these apps have never changed and some no longer exist because they have become outdated. I'll always maintain my products and merge them with the latest technology as it becomes available.